I am so excited that my novel, The Difference, is being published with Kindred Ink Press!


The Difference

Rachel has “it all” but feels empty. Going on an ancestry journey to reveal a family secret has to also bring fulfillment (right?) or she may lose her boyfriend and worst yet, herself.

The Difference is women’s fiction, taking place in contemporary time.

Testimonials from beta readers

“C. D’Angelo in “The Difference” has a gift for mixing genealogy, pop-culture and a little history into an on-the-edge-of-your-seat, gotta-know-what-happens, fun-to-read, can’t-put-down debut novel!” ~ Christina Ramos

“Wonderfully engaging and entertaining… A journey that encapsulates many elements of life, making this story very endearing and inspirational.” ~Noelle Presby Lipa

“Rachel is a character who lives inside all of us. She represents the conflict between monotony and spontaneity that we all struggle with and how both worlds can inform the other. Through culture, history, and curiosity- The Difference- is a mecca of pain, numbness, joy, and celebration. It teaches you that you are never stuck- if you begin to be curious about your own life.” ~ Meredith Malkin 

Member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association