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December 2021

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What a special podcast that will always remain close to my heart! I loved every second of being able to talk with hosts Abigail Ayres and Jonathan Pedraza about everything from my unique writing voice to my Behind the Scenes blog. Also, I hope to help beginning writers with my pitch party tips and inspiring insights.

November 2021

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I had such fun talking with Michael Brighthouse on his podcast. We covered everything from my books, to publishing and pitch parties, to mental health. It’s a must listen episode. Spotify link on photo, YouTube here.

October 2021

Being sold in Barnes and Noble!

My book baby, The Difference, is now being sold in Barnes and Noble in my city of Orlando, FL! I stopped by to sign some copies, so it’s even more special.

Being sold in I AM Books!

The Difference is now being sold at I Am Books in Boston, MA! I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful store of the Italian and Italian American heritage.

September 2021

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The wonderful @bookstagramwritersunite account on Instagram interviewed me for their Friday Feature. Read the short and sweet interview to find out about quirks and authors who inspire me.

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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by J.J. Barnes of The Table Read, an entertainment and creativity magazine. Her questions allowed me to express challenges in publishing, story elements of The Difference, the role of mental health in my main character, and more. Bonus: She even made a pin on Pinterest, so visit the site to follow both of us there.

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This interview is so special to me because Cheryl Burman (author of Keepers) and I met by my pitch party services. Now we are friends! She added sweet, thoughtful pictures to her author guest spot that covers unique topics like secret aspects of my books and a ‘literary pilgrimage’ I may have taken. Read to find out!

August 2021

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Part 2 of 2: Author Anju Gattani interviews me about The Difference and Pitch Party Prosperity (my services for writers pitching their manuscripts to the pros). Watch the video to learn about a magical tip for your pitches to be successful.

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I had the pleasure to talk with Sarahlyn Bruck (author of Daytime Drama and Designer You) about surprises in publishing, my non-writing interests, my next project (The Visitor) and more.

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If you have an Instagram account, you will want to see this laughter-filled and fun fact giving interview with Libby Hubscher (author of Meet Me in Paradise).

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This interview with author Deborah Klee (of The Borrowed Boy) is the most unique one yet! She asks what 5 books I would bring if I had to be on a deserted island. They are books significant for 5 different points in my life and are an inspiration for me as a person and author.

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Part 1 of 2: Author Anju Gattani interviews me about The Difference (themes, publication path), my writing process, my pitch party services, and you hear some personal details only revealed here.

Being sold in Sundog Books!

The first physical bookstore The Difference is being sold in is called Sundog Books, in Seaside, FL. I am thrilled beyond belief to be a part of their beautiful store.

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I loved speaking with Christina Consolino, author of Rewrite the Stars. We both are Italian in heritage so of course we talked about that, as well as listening to your gut, having grit, and more!

July 2021

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The Best of Women’s Fiction is a podcast hosted by Lainey Cameron (author of The Exit Strategy) where my favorite authors have been interviewed. I was beyond honored to sit with Lainey and chat about everything from believing in myself to a touching moment in a review of The Difference.

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I had a fun chat with writer Mackenzie Littledale about The Difference‘s mental health themes and more!

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Read my author spotlight with Casey Dembowksi (author of When We’re Thirty) where I give you details on The Difference, my other interests, my publishing journey, what I hope readers take away from my debut novel, and what’s next (The Visitor).

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JL Rothstein (author of The Heaven Sent series) and I talk about my book, The Difference, coming this month on 7-29-21 on her series “3 Questions with…”

August 2020


Watch a panel of 6 writers talk about publishing path differences, querying, editing, and pitch parties here. I give must hear tips and strategies for pitch parties (about minute 1.01). There is also a blog synopsis of the video here.


Watch another “3 Questions with C. D’Angelo” here. JL Rothstein interviews me about pitch party information you want to hear!

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