Who’s C. D’Angelo?

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The obvious answer to this page’s question is an author. Well, yeah, but I also work full time as a psychotherapist for young adults. I love my job, but also love SO much more in my personal life.

First, my husband is the best man in the entire world. Enough said.

Second, the hobbies, oh the hobbies. So here goes my list of passions; music (playing ukulele, using drums and music in therapy), drawing, reading, crocheting, cross stitching, decorating, photography, watching movies and TV, researching my family history, and traveling. These are in no particular order since everything depends on my mood and inspiration of the moment.

Third, I adore being an Italian-American woman (and you will see that my books are basically a love letter to my culture!). I am so proud of the values instilled in me from the Italian culture (music always, food even more always, and lots of love and hugs). Yes, I love the other European influences I have had and do have as part of my genetic make-up, but the Italian influence remains the strongest. That is in part to growing up with my grandparents from that side of my family. They were the main inspiration for The Difference.

I have a few favorite places that I have been, including New York City, Los Angeles, London, and many cities in Italy (the homeland!). One of the best moments has been when I found my ancestors on the wall at Ellis Island. Here is my grandpa’s name on the wall there.


When you read The Difference, you will see how much of myself and my loves in life are part of the story. It’s out now, so grab a copy! My homepage and books pages have all the details for purchase.

Now, about writing and publishing adventure…

Well, it’s been quite a journey, especially for a first time author. I started feeling like had a story in me to tell, around the end of 2012. The year was inspiring for me with personal life changes. The story of The Difference came to me almost all at once. I just needed to fill in those pesky details that make an actual book.

I always loved to write and thought that I could write a book if I stayed committed. So, I began writing in January 2013 and with many hours dedicated and breaks involved over the years, I finally finished my first draft in May 2018. During that time, I also shared the drafts with my extremely intelligent and valuable best friends/beta readers. Thank God for their insights because it just helps my book to get better and better. So, I edited, and edited, and edited. Actually, it never stops, but I did at least begin querying in June 2019. And, by of November 2019, I got a publisher. Though I ultimately decided to self publish, my debut novel is in the world as well as my next novel, The Visitor! I’m working on my first series right now, with the first book titled The Gift. Stay tuned.

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